Noise You Don't Want To Hear From Your HVAC System

Your Boise HVAC system is much like your car. When it starts to make a loud noise, you know that's not good!. Because your car is so important to you, and it was making loud unusual noises, you want to find out what's wrong. Similarly, when your Boise air conditioner or furnace is operating normally, it should be relatively quiet and the sounds you hear will be normal. However loud squeaking and rumbling sounds, or intermittent loud noises can be a signal that your system needs professional attention.

Home Cooling Problems In Boise

How efficient is your Boise air conditioner? According to recent studies, you could be spending 30% more, cooling your home or business if a cooling system isn’t properly installed. That’s why I have always said, ‘the most important day in the life of an air conditioner is the day it is installed!’

Be Pro-Active With Your Cooling System

Most people today still believe there will not be a problem until there is one. This is called “reactive” thinking. Even though you know that it is far better to use a scheduled maintenance plan, most or us continue to spend the bulk of our time and money operating reactively. The most common reason given for this is lack of finances. But wouldn't’t it be better to be able to plan ahead for these “emergencies”?

Cleaning the Coils on Your Air Conditioner


If you want your Boise air conditioner to function at its best when you need it the most, you must make the effort to properly maintain it. Cleaning the coils allows the unit to continue moving air to cool down the interior of your home. Read on for more information on cleaning the coils.

Causes of Coil Dirt:

Should I Replace my Cooling System?

Not long ago we went to a client’s home and gave them a proposal for a new heating and cooling system. The client was in a quandary whether to spend several hundred dollars on a repair that was needed, or replace his 20 year old system with a new one. We recommended they replace their old system, do to the number of repairs done over the years and the age of the system. Here we are heading into the warm season when our Boise air conditioners will be working overtime to keep us cool. Here are several questions you can ask yourself to determine what your best choice is.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps are components of the heating system used to warm OR cool the air in your home. They sit outside your home and look exactly like an air conditioner. The term ‘heat’ pump is a little misleading. Here is a short simple description of how they work. Actually the 'pump' transfers or moves warm energy from the outside air, heats it even more and then  transfers it to inside your home. In the summer, heat energy from inside your home is pumped or transferred to the outside to cool your home. So heat pumps are more like a “heat transfer device”.

Spring Cleaning Includes Your HVAC System

Don't believe us?  Start looking around your home and you will be surprised. There are a lot of things to check out, including your Boise heating and air conditioning units.  Many of us get lost in the day to day aspects of cleaning the house or the dryer vents, but spring time is a great reminder to look a little deeper into the things that run your home.

Things like:

Have You Considered Ductless Heating and Cooling?

If you are adding on to your Boise home or are looking for a lower cost option to replacing a swamp cooling unit, or a central heating and cooling system, then a ductless heat pump unit might be right for you. Ductless heat pump units have become incredibly energy efficient. They have been used in the the far east for decades and now are becoming more popular here in the West. These systems offer flexibility as well since you are not tying them into an existing ducting system. They can be placed nearly anywhere, like sun rooms, bonus rooms, or mater bedrooms.

Does Your Air Conditioner Feel Like a Swamp Cooler

Your air conditioner, which is supposed to help dehumidify your home, is working fine...but it feels like you have a swamp cooler.  Swamp coolers (also known as evaporative coolers) will cool your home, but because they draw cool air from water, they blow a lot of moisture into your home. Nothing is worse than to go to bed at night and the sheets feel damp! Not a pleasant experience. Not what you should feel when using an air conditioner.

Why is your Boise air conditioner not doing the job of dehumidifying the air?

Allergies and Clean Air at Home

Being one who has spring allergies, I can tell you that spring is on the way here in Boise, Meridian and the whole valley.. For the past week or so, I have been sneezing, hacking, and etc. When the wind blows, it just stirs the air, and blows pollen and pollutants everywhere. But if you suffer from allergies, I am not telling you anything new. Did you know....?


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