Can I Be Liable For Installing My Own Furnace?

Purchasing a new furnace, or air conditioner can create a huge boost to your home efficiency and a dramatic drop in your energy bill. New high-tech furnaces are more reliable, more effective and more efficient than ever. However, a word of caution if you are considering upgrades to your Boise heating and air conditioning equipment – always make sure you’re dealing with a licensed contractor to install the systems.

Whats Wrong With My Furnace?

While we don't recommend diagnosing or repairing your own Boise furnace, it is important as a home owner to know what some of the more common repairs can be. Anytime you need repair help with your gas furnace, the experts from Greens Heating and Air are here to help. We offer 24-hour emergency service because we know that your gas furnace can break down at any time. Here are the more common gas furnace repair problems we see in Meridian and Boise:

How Pets affect Your Heating and Cooling System

I am a dog owner, and we love our little friends being around. Pet hair and dander floating in the air is really the main downside of sharing your home with a dog or cat. But if pet hair and particles are going to end up in your HVAC filter, it can affect your Boise heating and cooling system.

There are special considerations for pet owners when it comes to maintaining an HVAC system and controlling energy use:

What is An Air Handler?

When talking with a heating and cooling company in Boise they may use the term ‘air handler’. Does every home have, or need an air handler? Are they expensive? Do they work like a furnace or an air conditioner? Some folks are unsure of what an air handler is and how they operate.

How to Control Home Heating Costs

The furnace in your Boise home is one of the most important appliances. It's providing you with comfortable heating throughout the cold, winter months. However, did you know you could be paying more than you need to? If it isn’t working efficiently enough, you will end up paying more for your heating bills than you should. Below you’ll discover some of the best furnace tips to lower your heating costs.

Replace the filter

What Size Furnace Do I Need?

  “Sizing” generally refers to figuring out how large in BTU’s a furnace should be to go in your’ home. To properly size a furnace, requires knowing the 'heat load', or loss, of the space to be heated. Before purchasing a furnace in the Boise valley, you need to have our Project Manager come out and perform a heat load calculation.

What's The Difference in an Air Conditioner and a Heat Pump?

That is really a good question. Most homes in Boise have air conditioning, but more and more heat pumps are being installed throughout the valley. In today’s blog I will tell you the difference and how they function.

Air Conditioner:

Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

You might have asked yourself...”should I have the air ducts in my Boise home cleaned?” Is it a scam or worth it?

Air duct cleaning is a maintenance service provided by some HVAC companies like Greens Heating and Air, to provide you with cleaner air and better HVAC system efficiency. But, does air duct cleaning really deliver these results? Here’s some information to help you decide whether or not you might benefit from having the HVAC ducts in your house cleaned.

To Clean or Not to Clean?

Do I Need A Humidifier for My Home?

If we have been using an air conditioner all summer, we may not have realized that one of the benefits of air conditioning is dehumidification, this is so you don’t feel damp and sticky during the summer months.

Should I Have An Air Purifier in my Home?

With all the smoke in the Treasure Valley, and the rest of the State, the air we breathe is now categorized as ‘unhealthy’. This is especially so for the elderly, those with breathing problems, and children. Frankly, it’s not good for any of us. How can we improve the air quality in our homes?

The best way to ensure that each room in our home has clean air to breathe, is to have a ‘whole house’ air cleaner installed in our heating and cooling system.


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