What does SEER Rating Mean in Air Conditioning?

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If you haven’t purchased a new air conditioner or heat pump in the last twenty years, you probably have never heard of the acronym ‘SEER’. SEER is basically a unit of measurement that determines the energy efficiency during the cooling season. If you are considering purchasing a new air conditioner in Boise, then you need to understand what this is all about.

Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

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I know we are tired of the heat we have had in the Treasure Valley. Not only does it take a tole on us, but it also over-works our heating and cooling system. I know that our tech's have been super busy with cooling repairs in Boise and Meridian. After a number of repairs, we may ask ourselves if we should replace our Boise air conditioner, or keep making repairs. Let me help you evaluate whether to repair or replace.

How old is your A/C?

What is Short-Cycling in my A/C?

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Here we are at August 1. Usually the hottest month in the Treasure Valley. Cooling you Boise home will still be high demand this month and perhaps into September. Especially during the hottest month, it's important that it's functioning properly.

Tankless Water Heaters in Boise

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Lets face it folks, the majority of us have a tank style water heater. It’s the kind of big bulky 40 or 50 gallon, tank that stores water, and keeps it hot 24/7 for us. However, these storage systems are not the only kind of water heater available today. Many homeowners are now opting for ‘tankless’ water heaters. These have no large storage tank of water. It is more like providing ‘hot water on demand’.

HVAC Diagnostic Service Calls Explained

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At first glance you may think this is a simple question with a simple answer. However, often folks get confused about this call, and assume different things regarding what is done and what is expected.

How to Save Energy in the Summer

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Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy some outdoor activities. However, we all want to come home to a cool and comfortable home. which means that having a good air conditioning system in your Boise home is absolutely critical. We all dread the summer because of the increase in our electric bill that comes with running the A/C more often. Here at Greens Heating and Air, we are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction and so in this blog I wanted to put together some great things that you can do to reduce your energy usage during the dog days of Summer.

Why is My A/C Blowing Warm Air?

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When you own a central air conditioning system, you expect it to work day-in and day-out. Not performing well is not an option, especially considering the hot temperatures in the Treasure Valley and the rising cost of electricity these days. Coming home to find that warm air is blowing through your ducts when you’re calling for cooling can be a source of real irritation. Not only is your AC not working, but it’s actually making your home warmer. At the first sign of a problem, you need to call your Greens Heating and Air technician to come take a look.

Confused About Heating and Cooling in Meridian?

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When it comes to heating and cooling in Meridian, there is an ever changing world of technology. How does one decide which HVAC system to purchase for their home? There is standard efficiency, mid-grade, high, and even ultra-high efficiency. By the time you hear all the propaganda and hype it can become very confusing let alone, overwhelming. In this blog I will give you a brief overview of each efficiency.

Are Prices Increasing on Heating and Cooling Systems?

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That's really a very good question. I raise that because of concerns about the global trade tariff's being put into place not only by our Government but other nations around the globe. Some are calling it a trade war.

Lets face it, we import a tremendous amount of goods, auto parts, heating and cooling parts, etc from overseas. Even our 'American made' cars are put together from foreign parts! If other countries like China, Indonesia, or Japan place tariff's on those parts, it can and will have an impact on prices.

Why Does Water Leak Around my Furnace or A/C?

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When the heat of summer is at its highest, you really don’t want to be uncomfortable just because your air conditioning system has developed a problem. Air Conditioning in Boise is not always trouble free. All mechanical systems have problems. So you're going to encounter a problem of sooner or later with your AC.


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