Do I Need a Bigger Air Conditioner and Furnace?

      A couple of years ago I had an interesting sales call in Boise, and I thought it was important enough to blog about it. It made me think about the question of size, or tonnage of an air conditioning unit or size of furnace you need for your home.
     This gentleman, called our service center and wanted a quote on a 3 ton air conditioner. Not knowing the whole picture, I set up an appointment to go to his home.
     At his home, I found out that several years ago his brother-in-law got him a ‘deal’ on a "refurbished" 3 ton A/C unit when his original unit went out. I ask him what the square footage of his house was. He told me 1300 square feet. Needless to say, a 3 ton unit was too big. He only needed a 2 ton unit, based on square footage only. I told him 3 ton was too big, due to the fact that the DUCT WORK and the size of the furnace blower, was sized for a 2 ton unit. Guess what? His current three ton unit was freezing up in the hot summer months and the house wouldn't stay cool. The rings in the compressor had gone out as well. Bigger is NOT better! Damage was caused by having too large of an air conditioner.
      Here's the point. When you have a heating and cooling system, remember it is a 'system', not just an air conditioner or a furnace. It is a complete system. That includes the outdoor unit, the furnace, the evaporator coil, the duct work, the return air ducts, and even the thermostat is important. They all have to work in concert with one another to achieve the desired result.  When your’ Boise home was built the contractor had a ‘Manual J’ HVAC design done to determine what size unit to put in the house. Those designs factor in square footage, number and size of windows and doors, attic, sub-floor, and wall insulation. This is how a heating contractor determines what you need for optimum heating and cooling. For professional service and estimates, call Greens Heating and Air. You can find more information on our website at

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