Do I Need A Humidifier for My Home?

If we have been using an air conditioner all summer, we may not have realized that one of the benefits of air conditioning is dehumidification, this is so you don’t feel damp and sticky during the summer months.

However, in just a few months we will switch from cooling our homes, to heating our homes. This is when you need to consider having a humidifier in your Meridian home.When you use a gas or electric furnace, they dry the air out in your Boise home and therefore the need for humidification. You ladies, I’m sure know how it goes in the winter. You are constantly using hand and body lotion, lip balm, etc., because the air is so dry! Humidifiers are important to your home also because of where we live. High desert. We already have a strike against any moisture being in our home just based on where we live!

What Kind Should I Have?

The best type of humidifier is a ‘whole-house’ humidifier. This is one that that is installed in your ductwork, near your furnace. Every time your furnace comes on, so will your humidifier, providing moisture to the air and going into every room of your house. Don’t waste money on small room size portable humidifiers. They just do not perform well, and what good they may do is limited to the space you are using and will not provide the 45% humidity you need in your entire home.

Benefits to Humidifiers:

          Beneficial for your health and breathing

          Keeps furniture and other woods from drying out

          Allows a lower Thermostat setting, since moist air feels warmer

          Helps eliminate dry skin and scalp

          Allows for a more comfortable home


Greens Heating and Air is proud to offer the finest Aprilaire ‘whole-house’ humidifier. For over 50 years Aprilaire has been improving the quality of life for folks by providing comfort products to enhance their heating and cooling in Boise and Meridian. Contact our Project Manager to learn more about the benefits of humidification in your home. Call 208-465-0859. You can read more of my helpful blogs by going to


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