House Always Seem Cold??

     A common complaint I hear from homeowners, and it seems mostly from the ladies of the house, that their house always feels cold. They are freezing all the time. Nothing is worse then to be paying for heat in the winter time, to only feel cold and uncomfortable. After all, that's why we have furnaces in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. There are many reasons why your home may seem cold all the time, even when the thermostat is set at your comfort level. I will endeavor to address some of these reasons, and also provide viable solutions.

  • Check your windows and doors: Older homes do not have energy efficient windows and doors. Many have single pane windows that allow heat to escape and cold to penetrate. Replace single pane windows with double or triple pane models. They will pay for themselves in no time at all.  Windows need to be caulked inside and outside. Doors need to have good seals. Use weather strip around doors to prevent heat loss. Protective clear film can be installed over windows to prevent heat loss. All of these items can be purchased at your home improvement store.
  • Fireplace Damper: All fireplaces have a damper up inside the flue, above the fire box. Make sure it is securely shut to prevent heat loss. If you use your fireplace regularly, then you need to have a airtight glass fireplace doors to keep the air from escaping.
  • Ceiling Fans: As we all know, heat rises, so all that good warm air ends up at the ceiling. Especially in so many homes here in the Boise, Idaho valley, have vaulted or tall ceilings. Having your ceiling fans turn counter clockwise in the winter will push that air from the ceiling down to the floor, and will do it without a draft. You can run your fans 24/7. It will cost very little to do so, and you will be much more comfortable. You can run them at low or medium speed to get the full benefit. You don't have to run them on high.
  • Leaking duct work can be the culprit: Your duct work is where all that nice warm air travels to each room of your house. If there is a break in the line, or duct work has come undone, then you will find you are heating your crawl space in the foundation or attic. Have one of our qualified technicians check your ductwork for heat loss. Make sure none of your vents are closed or covered up with boxes, furniture, etc
  • Incorrect size of furnace: If you have too small of a furnace and not putting out enough BTU's, then your house will always feel cold. As a general rule of thumb you need about you need 45-50 BTU for each square foot of your home. For example: A 1800 square foot home needs a 80,000 BTU furnace, There are other factors involved, but this is a good gage to use.
  • Install a whole house humidifier: Your home should be at about 45% humidity in the winter. Central heat and air conditioning dry out the air. A furnace will draw moisture away from your skin and contribute to you feeling colder. A whole house humidifier puts the right amount of moisture in the atmosphere throughout your house. Moist warm air feel warmer than warm dry air. Consider installing our Trane or Aprilaire whole house humidifiers.
  • Poor, or too little insulation: Insulation in your floor joists or in your attic is your primary defense against heat loss in the winter. Each State has there requirements for the amount you should have to meet code requirements. You can check with your utility company  to find out what is code for your area. Many utility companies, like Idaho Power, offer incentives for upgrading your insulation. You will never regret upgrading your insulation and often you will 'feel' immediate results.

     These things that I have mentioned are the core problems for feeling cold all the time in your home. Most utility companies offer free 'home energy audits' to help you discover where you might be losing heat. Obviously there are other reasons why you feel cold all the time. Medical problems of the occupants can cause them to feel cold. Medications, poor circulation, thyroid problems, and etc can have a bearing, and here, I refer you to your medical professional. On our website you will find many other related blogs that will help you, and your family to be warm and cozy this winter. Go to In the upper right hand corner click on 'blog'.