Leaking Ductwork Will Empty Your Wallet!

Leaking ductwork in Boise will empty your wallet! You probably only think about your ductwork when you bang your head on it while you’re in the basement, or traversing the crawl space or attic of your home. Ductwork howerver, is a critical part of making your home energy efficient and comfortable. According to Idaho Power Company, a one-square-inch hole in a duct will leak as much air as a hole 25 times that size in your wall!

THINGS TO KNOW: You can save up to 20% of your heating and cooling costs by insulating and tightening up ductwork. Even if the air isn’t escaping from the uninsulated duct, you lose a lot of heat through its thin walls. When the first air that comes out of your vent, after you turn on the heater is chilly, and stays chilly for a long time, you know your ducts are uninsulated and it’s costing you money.

WAYS TO SAVE ENERGY IN BOISE: If you have rigid ductwork and they are not insulated, turn on your furnace and feel for air escaping around the ductwork joints. If you feel air, first clean around the joint and seal the joint with mastic, or foil-faced tape used for ductwork. Note: duct tape is not suitable for sealing joints, no matter what they call it. Idaho Power recommends mastic.

Insulate the ducts with 2” thick, R-6 fiberglass insulation, usually found at home improvement stores. If the ductwork is hard to get too, or you’re not capable of doing the job yourself, call Greens Heating and Air for a free estimate to have it professionally done. Our technicians are trained to find leaks and stop the money drain. As we go from summer to winter in Boise, you will not want your precious furnace heat to go anywhere but into your home.

If your ductwork is already insulated, it can be harder to find leaks. You might try exposing the joints, like wherever they make a bend, to check. You can also leave this to our experts if you’d rather. Before you start to mess with any ductwork, make sure the insulation isn’t ASBESTOS. It looks like off-white, stiff, heavy cloth wrapped around ductwork. If it is, then stay away!! If you’re not sure, contact us, or your local building department. Some of our older homes in the valley still have asbestos in them.

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