Should I Have An Air Purifier in my Home?

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With all the smoke in the Treasure Valley, and the rest of the State, the air we breathe is now categorized as ‘unhealthy’. This is especially so for the elderly, those with breathing problems, and children. Frankly, it’s not good for any of us. How can we improve the air quality in our homes?

The best way to ensure that each room in our home has clean air to breathe, is to have a ‘whole house’ air cleaner installed in our heating and cooling system.

The small portable air purifiers are alright when you just want to clean the air in one room, or if conditions are not as severe as they are now. At Greens Heating and Air, we recommend Trane’s CleanEffects, whole house air cleaner. This unit is installed in your ductwork near your furnace. It is electronic and will clean the air of 99.9% of all the contaminants in the air, including smoke. It will collect particles of mold, mildew, dust, pet dander, and pollen down to .01 microns. To help you appreciate what that means to cleaning your air, a single red blood cell is about 5 microns in size. A human hair strand is about 100 microns wide.

Some years ago, I saw a documented video of a forest fire in southern California. This couple evacuated their home, but they left their furnace fan running, which also ran their Trane CleanEffects. When they were allowed back to their home, there was no smoke inside, none of their furniture or draperies smelled of smoke, and no smoke residue on their furniture.

Trane CleanEffects, is topped rated by Consumer Reports for whole house electronic air cleaners. All filters, HEPA, and other wise, will filter the air, but not necessarily scrub the air! Trane CleanEffects, delivers more clean air into your home than any other filtration system on the market. It has a three stage filtration system, and you only replace the filters about every 10 years. If you would like to learn more about Trane’s CleanEffects, visit their website at

Let’s face it, the air outside is miserable. Some of that smoky air is going to end up in your home thru opened and closed doors, and the heating and cooling system. Call and let our project manager come to your home and show the benefits of ‘whole house’ air purification. Contact us, or read more of my important blogs at


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