What is The Best Thermostat for My House?


Back in the day, Thermostats used in Boise and Meridian homes were pretty simple. There was a dial, heat or cool switch, and an ‘on-off’ switch. Behind the dial was a small capsule that contained mercury and as you moved the dial, it would also move the mercury so the weight of the mercury would turn off and on the heat or cooling.

Today, thermostats have changed dramatically. You have many choices as to what kind you want. Multiple brands, design, function, etc. So, the question comes up: “What is the best Thermostat for my home?” At Greens Heating and Air, we recommend a programmable digital thermostat. I’ll bet you were waiting for me to tell you what brand to purchase! The brand really does'nt matter as much as the type of thermostat. So, let’s break it down a bit.

Programmable: This is the most important factor in choosing a t-stat. Programmable will save you money on your heating and cooling and gives you the freedom of not manually changing your stat all the time. Most programmable t-stats allow for up to 5 settings, allowing you to set it for when to come on in the morning, when you go to work, when you come home and when you go to bed. Plus, you can program it differently for weekends, and when you’re on vacation.

Digital: Let’s face it, we live in a digital world! We are accustomed to digital watches, programs, appliances, dashboards, etc. Digital means longer lasting function. Some t-stats are now wifi enabled, and can be controlled by your smart phone while you’re on a trip! Others ‘learn’ your heating and cooling preferences and program themselves. Usually these use micro-chips, and solid-state circuitry. Digital products last longer, are easier to use,(sometimes) and look better.

If you are good at do-it-yourself, you can find quality stats at your home improvement stores. Bear in mind that when you install it yourself, you have no warranty on the installation. It also requires a bit of understanding of electronics to insure it is installed properly. They can get pretty high tech these days. I always recommend having our trained professionals install one for you. Yes, you will pay more, but you will have less frustration, and it will be warranted, plus you can call if you have questions or problems. It’s always nice to talk to a real person that lives near and did the installation in the first place. For more information about heating and cooling in Boise, I invite you to go to our website at www.greensheaing.com. You will find many more of my easy to understand blogs that cover all your heating and cooling questions.


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