Do I Need a Bigger Air Conditioner and Furnace?

      A couple of years ago I had an interesting sales call in Boise, and I thought it was important enough to blog about it. It made me think about the question of size, or tonnage of an air conditioning unit or size of furnace you need for your home.
     This gentleman, called our service center and wanted a quote on a 3 ton air conditioner. Not knowing the whole picture, I set up an appointment to go to his home.

Should I Clean My Ductwork Now?

Here we are almost to the middle of August and soon school will start up and we will begin to move back into our Boise homes for the fall and winter. It will also be time to have your ductwork cleaned. In the fall, we start closing windows and doors, our houses can’t ‘breathe’ as it were. When that happens we often end up with more pollutants inside our home than there is outside!

My Air Conditioner Can't Keep Up

With  the amount of heat we've been having, many of you have been calling us and telling us your A/C just doesn't seem to be keeping you cool. You have the thermostat set at 73 and you can only cool the house down to about 76 degrees. What is the problem? There are a few things that would cause this problem. First of all, when it gets as hot as it has been, it's hard for any air conditioner to keep up with the heat. There may always be a degree or two difference  in the setting on your thermostat and the actual room temperature.

What is Air Conditioner Short-Cycling?

Short cycling of the Air Conditioner, means that you hear it coming on, and off too frequently. A normal cycle would be for the air conditioner to come on, and remain on for 10-20 minutes and then turn off. Often with a short cycle you will also notice that it is not cooling your home, because it is not running long enough to achieve the desired temperature. What could be the problem?

Is Your Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

Have you ever noticed ice forming on the coils of your Boise air conditioner and thought it was a positive sign? You might think it's great that the unit you use to blow cold air is Icing over. Ice surrounding your A/C unit does not improve the unit’s performance. In actuality, the A/C unit is on its last leg and there is no telling when it might die out. The blower fan will keep running but warm air will come out of your vents. An icy A/C unit needs to be checked as soon as possible, so that you can prevent future expenses and prevent your unit from possibly dying out.

Important Factors in Air Conditioning

As much as 50% of the energy used in your Boise home goes to heating and cooling.  Making smart decisions about your home’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can have a big effect on your utility bills — and your comfort.

How to Keep Your House Cool

Summer will soon be here and the summer heat is beginning to be felt in Boise. We want to stay cool and comfortable in our homes but how can we do this and at the same time keep our electric bill in check? The best way to keep from spending too much money every month to keep your home cool to look at your ENTIRE house and it's energy loss. Here are some things to help you stay cool and keep your wallet happy:

Frequent Air Conditioning Questions

HVAC questions

Every time you start thinking of a new heating and cooling system for your Boise home, there are always questions that come up. No question is too minor or trivial, so our professionals are eager to address any of your questions. You will find the following information very helpful. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. We hope these tips are beneficial. As always we have a friendly 'Comfort Specialist's ready to assist you as needed.

Summer Air Conditioner Tip

sweating from heat

It’s that time of year again. The time when you come home, turn on your Boise A/C, get comfortable, collapse in your favorite chair and wait for that cool, comforting breeze. But it doesn’t happen! Is your air conditioner broken? Chances are it’s not.

Improving the Air Quality in Your Home

how is your air quality

If you or members of your family have allergies, or are sensitive to air quality, you probably avoid going outside as much as possible. One thing that most people overlook is that sometimes it’s not the air outside that’s irritating you. Often it’s the air inside your home that’s the source of irritation! Tobacco, fireplace soot, cooking fumes, pet dander and carpet can all be suspect when it comes to allergies.


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