Is a Furnace The Right Heating System for Me?

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Are you a bit late to the party in terms of having a heating system installed this year? There’s still time, but it’s important that you start seriously considering your options. There are a lot of different heaters available on the market today, and finding the right one for your needs and personal preferences can be trickier than you may realize. Fortunately, you can count on Greens Heating and Air to help insure that your new heating system is the perfect fit for your home. One system well worth your consideration is a furnace.

Water Heater Components Needing Maintenance

hot water heater

We must have hot water for our daily life! Without your hot water heater working, it would be difficult to cook, wash dishes, do laundry, or bathe. If you take good care of your heater with regular maintenance and prompt repairs, you should have few worries about losing your hot water supply.

Duct Cleaning: Yes or No?


When you think of heating and cooling in Boise, you also need to consider whether it’s wise to have your ductwork cleaned. In the past decade, duct cleaning has become more and more popular. At the beginning, a guy might come to your house and ‘clean’ your ducts with a ‘shop vacuum’. Soon came the realization that the shop vac was neither powerful enough nor was the hose long enough to reach deep inside the ductwork.

Biological Pollution and Your HVAC System

Air Scrubber

Air cleaners, both mechanical and electronic, can do a great deal for your indoor air quality. But when it comes to BIOLOGICAL pollutants like bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and fungi, mechanical or electronic air cleaners may not do the job sufficiently. A great solution for not just removing, but eradicating them is the installation of UV germicidal lights in your ductwork. While your heating and cooling system runs, the air will be continuously cleaned.

What is An Annual Service Agreement?

HVAC systems

Today's HVAC systems are extremely reliable, efficient and effective. However, like any piece of equipment with moving parts, electronics and so forth, they won’t remain reliable and efficient without proper preventive maintenance. The best thing you can do for your heating and cooling system, is to have an annual maintenance program in place. This is even more important if your heating and cooling system is 7-10 years old! This is the reason why Greens Heating and Air offer customers our ‘Peak Performance Agreement’.

How Often Should I Change My Filters?

air filters

This’s a good question, and before I address it, I want to talk about the role and importance of the filter in your Boise Furnace.

The role of the filter is to keep dust, dirt and debris from not only getting into your home, but more importantly, not getting into the mechanical parts of your furnace. The filter is placed where the air returns from your home back into the furnace. Without a filter your furnace would soon breakdown and need costly repairs.

It's Not Too Late! Tune-Up Your Furnace Now

When it comes to heating and cooling repair in Boise, it can get expensive. Parts like electronic motherboards, heat exchangers, blower motors, etc. can dig deep holes in your wallet. Therefore, we always recommend to our customers that they get a tune-up performed on their furnace. Usually it’s best to have this done in late fall before we start using our furnaces, but it’s not to late to do it now.

How To Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide

All of us in Boise and Meridian, as well as the rest of the valley, are interested in our indoor air quality. Let’s face it, we do have a measure of air quality problems and they seem to worsen in the winter when that nasty inversion sets in. Because our homes are closed in, I thought in this blog I would concentrate on a silent, deadly problem called, Carbon Monoxide.

Why Should I Finance a New Furnace?

If you have never purchased a new furnace in Boise, or purchased one 30 years ago, you may be in for a big surprise. Let me buffer this blog with a question. What was the price of a new car thirty years ago, and what is the price today? A new furnace of course will not cost you what a new car does, but the point is made that things you bought 30 years ago are going to cost more today.

Why Does My Home Feel Drafty?

Add to that, my heating bill is out of control! We hear this complaint often here at Greens Heating and Air. Do you want to know how to keep your heating bills IN control, and get rid of that drafty feel? Here are the causes:


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