Exciting Trane Products for 2014 - Part Three

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     Here in the Boise Idaho valley, there are a lot of rural homes that are all electric. Back in the day when these farm homes were built and electricity was relatively inexpensive, it was the way to go. Even many subdivision homes were proudly built as 'all electric'. In those homes, most of the heating is done by an electric furnace, or what is called an 'air handler'. For the sake of this blog I will refer to it as an electric furnace.

Exciting Trane Products for 2014-Part Two

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     I know it might be a bit early and way to cold out to start thinking about air conditioning your home in the spring and summer. Even so, we know that all to soon here in the Boise, Idaho valley we will wanting to crank up the cooling in our homes. When it comes to cooling, there is no finer product on the market than the XL Series of air conditioners and heat pumps from Trane.

Exciting TRANE Products for 2014

Heating Repair Boise

     We have always been very excited to be a TRANE Comfort Specialist dealer, because they have always had great, high quality products to offer our customers. We enjoy installing Trane heating and cooling systems here in the Boise Idaho valley, because we truly believe they are the best choice in home comfort. Trane furnaces are the most reliable and longest lasting in the industry*. Trane takes pride in every furnace they build.

Another Great Year!

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      Well, there is only a week left in this year of 2013. Maybe because I'm getting older, but, for @comfortguyjerry, this year has flown by.. We have met, and worked with so many great people this year, and we feel a deep sense of satisfaction knowing we've been able to improve the quality of their lives. We enjoy living here in the Treasure Valley, and raising our families.  We also value our business partners, and our community.

Put Your Comfort On 'Cruise Control'

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      That's what you will be doing if you install the all new TRANE TruComfort  variable speed heat pump. (Also available as a air conditioner) It's the brand new, state of the art heating and cooling system designed to provide unmatched comfort and efficiency. It will automatically make minor, continuous adjustments in the output all day, and all night long. It's the perfect choice for your home here in the Boise Idaho valley.

Is Price All That Matters?

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     Investing in a new furnace, or a complete heating and cooling system, might be compared to getting professional advice from your doctor when you have a major medical issue. It's important to get a SECOND OPINION. The cost of installing a new furnace is continuing to rise, so why not get a second opinion, so you can actually compare apples to apples. Why?

Heat Bills Making You Shiver?

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     With the week or two of really fridged weather lately, we are bound to see our heating bills go up. First, those higher bills make us shudder, and then we turn the thermostat down and we shiver! So far, our winter cold snap here in Boise, Idaho has come sooner, and colder then normal. We usually don't see temps down in the single digits until January.

Reach Out And Touch Someone

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     When we have had a long spell of really cold weather we all experience an increase in our energy bills, and for some families that can really hit hard. I think of those in the Midwest and Northeast who have been really hit with harsh winter weather. In some cases, lives have been lost due to freezing weather. Yesterday I had a call on a rental home, and the renter was a single mom with five kids, and the furnace had quit working. The temperature was down in the low teens!

21st Century Comfort Controls

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     Did you ever want to carry your house in your shirt pocket? Pretty much an impossibility......until now. With Trane's ComfortLink II Control with Nexia Home Intelligence, it's like taking your home with you wherever you go! How is that possible?

Is A 'Good Deal' Really Good?

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     Maybe because I'm an early baby boomer, born in 1946, or maybe I'm just a bit more skeptical, now that I am older. Either way, a little red light goes off in my head when I hear the words, 'good deal'. What is a good deal anyway. Is it getting something for nothing? Is it getting more than you expected? And really, who is getting the good deal, the buyer or the seller?


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