Get Your 'Ducts' in a Row!

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     At this time of the year I find myself getting things cleaned up and put away outside. Soon we will raking leaves, and doing the final cut on our lawns before winter sets in. At the same time our families begin to move back indoors. Meaning, more activities, homework, cooking and baking, etc. We also begin to shut up our homes, keeping doors and windows closed as the weather cools down.

Indoor Water Conservation

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     Our business slogan is 'Go Green with Greens'. In that effort we are always sharing information to help you to achieve 'greener' living. Boise, Idaho is known as the 'city of trees' so the citizens and municipalities are interested in leaving less of a footprint on the environment. Even your heating and cooling system, in most cases, can contribute to less energy being consumed. By upgrading to higher efficiency heating and cooling equipment you save electricity, fossil fuels, and carbon monoxide pollution.

Replace Or Repair - Which?

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     Yesterday I went to a clients home and gave them a proposal for a new heating and cooling system. The client was in a quandary whether to spend several hundred dollars on repairs, or replace his 20 year old system with a new one. Given just the age, I recommended he replace. There are several questions you can ask yourself to determine what your best choice is.

Six Ways To Save On Your Home Heating - Part 3

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     This being the third installment of the 'six ways to save' information, I wanted to mention that I am already beginning to hear radio advertisements for furnaces. Here in the Boise Idaho valley, we have seen a bit of a cool down, which tells me that winter is really not that far away. So I hope this information is useful too all of you, and that you keep checking our website at for more good information.

Six Ways To Save On Your Home Heating - Part 2

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     In part 1 of this blog we shared two ways you can save on your home heating. I know for some of you, it's still summer weather, but here in Boise, Idaho, the mornings are already getting cooler, and even though the afternoons can be a bit warm, I sense fall is in the air. That being said, @comfortguyjerry wants to share two more money saving tips for you file away somewhere. Believe me, in the dead of a cold Idaho winter, you will appreciate these tips.

How Much Does a HVAC System Cost?

     "How much do they cost?" That is the big question everyone has when they think about replacing, or have to replace their furnace and/or air conditioner. It doesn't matter if you live here in the Boise, Idaho area or New York City. The question is the same. And that's a reasonable question, since we don't purchase them hardly ever, or may never have had to replace a system.

Six Ways To Save On Home Heating - Part 1

     The approach of winter here in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, brings a chill to homeowners as they feel the pinch of their pocketbook for rising energy bills. Heating and cooling account for 56% of your energy use in the typical American home. And despite the certainty of winter weather, many of us fail to take steps to save on winter heating bills. In three parts I will provide six money-smart ways to bundle up your home for winter.

Are You Ready For Winter?

     If you are like me, you put off doing things until you are forced into it. Like cleaning out the garage, raking the leaves, fixing that dripping faucet. This is the reason I am starting here at the end of summer to remind you of what you need to do to get your house and property ready for winter.

Furnace Care and Maintenance

    You wouldn't drive your car 100,000 miles without changing the oil and doing other maintenance service. The same logic holds true for your home comfort system. Regular HVAC preventive maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free and peak performance operation. It is vital to the life of your furnace to have a pre-season tune up to help you avoid breakdown in the middle of the coldest month, and coldest day of winter. Preventive maintenance can also keep your energy bill from getting out of control.

Six Tips To Save Energy In The Winter

     As summer is winding down and we enter the milder days of autumn, we start moving back inside our homes. We have been busy with all kinds of outside summer activities, so it is important to make sure our homes are ready for winter. Whether we have harsh or mild winters, the last thing we want to do is squander energy and money because our house is not prepared. Living here in the Boise, Idaho valley, we experience some really cold weather, and along with that, comes bone-chilling heating bills. So, here are six tips that can help you save energy.


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