Improve Your Furnace IQ

     Wait! I know what your saying. Why are your blogging about furnaces in the dead heat of summer?? Well, @comfortguyjerry has blogged a great deal of information to help you get through the summer months, and trust me, fall will be here before you know it. I am only wanting you to start thinking about that old furnace that has been working it's heart out for decades, and is probably on its last leg. I am sure there are millions of central furnace systems out there that are 15, or more years old, and not only are they wearing out, but they are no longer efficient.

Summer Energy Tips for Home and Business

Summer is here in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, and so is the heat. It will get to 100 degrees today and high 90's the rest of the week. When the temperatures rise, cooling can be the largest part of summer electric bills. The Idaho Power Company has provided these tips to help you be energy efficient.

Staying Cool in The Summer Without Air Conditioning

     Because I work for a heating and cooling company, you would think that my first inclination would be sell you a air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable in the summer. The fact is, there may be many reasons why you may not be entertaining the idea of investing in a new air conditioner right now. That being said, what can you do to try to stay cool if you don't have an A/C or just would prefer not to turn it on?

Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance - Rx for Longevity

     This morning I had a doctors appointment to see why I have been having shoulder pain, and It got me thinking about the importance of having health problems checked out by a medical professional. A doctor can evaluate the problem, do a diagnosis, and offer different types of treatment to restore our health. Sometimes it's a simple fix, other times it may involve extensive treatment or even surgery.

Save Energy with Proper Insulation

     Almost half of your electric bill goes to heat and cool your home. If you want to save money on your heating and cooling bill, then start by looking at your home insulation.

Second Opinions - They Matter!

      I had an interesting experience a couple of weeks ago, and I have been thinking about it ever since. I want to share it with you because it will help you appreciate the importance of a second opinion when you are having problems with your HVAC.
     I was in our office in Nampa, Idaho one morning and a gentleman came in and expressed a desire to get a price on a new air conditioner, saying his had gone out. After setting down, we proceeded to find out more, like, what size home he had, and what kind of air conditioner he had, etc.

What Matters Most In the Summer

It's good for us to stop for a minute and think seriously about our planet, and our use of it's resources. Slowly, we here in the western world are becoming more and more aware of our energy consumption, the waste we dispose of or recycle, and how we care for our small piece of the planet. Sometimes we think it is just too overwhelming for us to think about protecting the resources we have come to love and appreciate. So my suggestion is to start small, start in our own homes.


     Now days when you have a HVAC sales person or technician to your home and you are trying to decide on which model to purchase, you will find that air conditioners and heat pumps have a rating for efficiency called a SEER rating. What are they talking about? The axiom SEER stands for "Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio". Efficiency is of course one of your most important considerations. An efficient system will not only lower your energy costs, it will also lower your impact on the environment.

Air Conditioners Vrs The Enviroment

     Let's face it. When it comes to air conditioning, most of us are more concerned about how cool we can be during the summer, than we are in it's impact on the environment.
You're probably saying, "impact on the environment?". When it's over 100 degrees outside, we could care less about the environment. And besides, what impact? It's only electricity after all.

Three Ways to Lower you A/C bills

So far, it has been kind of on the cool side here in the Boise, Idaho area. But, we who live here know it will soon be a "hot time in the old town". It's coming, and will be here before we know it. By next week we'll be in the 80's and we will be turning on the A/C to keep comfortable.


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