What's The Difference in an Air Conditioner and a Heat Pump?

That is really a good question. Most homes in Boise have air conditioning, but more and more heat pumps are being installed throughout the valley. In today’s blog I will tell you the difference and how they function.

Air Conditioner:

Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

You might have asked yourself...”should I have the air ducts in my Boise home cleaned?” Is it a scam or worth it?

Air duct cleaning is a maintenance service provided by some HVAC companies like Greens Heating and Air, to provide you with cleaner air and better HVAC system efficiency. But, does air duct cleaning really deliver these results? Here’s some information to help you decide whether or not you might benefit from having the HVAC ducts in your house cleaned.

To Clean or Not to Clean?

Do I Need A Humidifier for My Home?

If we have been using an air conditioner all summer, we may not have realized that one of the benefits of air conditioning is dehumidification, this is so you don’t feel damp and sticky during the summer months.

Should I Have An Air Purifier in my Home?

heating and cooling system

With all the smoke in the Treasure Valley, and the rest of the State, the air we breathe is now categorized as ‘unhealthy’. This is especially so for the elderly, those with breathing problems, and children. Frankly, it’s not good for any of us. How can we improve the air quality in our homes?

The best way to ensure that each room in our home has clean air to breathe, is to have a ‘whole house’ air cleaner installed in our heating and cooling system.

Leaking Ductwork Will Empty Your Wallet!

Leaking ductwork in Boise will empty your wallet! You probably only think about your ductwork when you bang your head on it while you’re in the basement, or traversing the crawl space or attic of your home. Ductwork howerver, is a critical part of making your home energy efficient and comfortable. According to Idaho Power Company, a one-square-inch hole in a duct will leak as much air as a hole 25 times that size in your wall!

What is The Best Thermostat for My House?


Back in the day, Thermostats used in Boise and Meridian homes were pretty simple. There was a dial, heat or cool switch, and an ‘on-off’ switch. Behind the dial was a small capsule that contained mercury and as you moved the dial, it would also move the mercury so the weight of the mercury would turn off and on the heat or cooling.

Why Should I Tune-Up My Furnace?


All of us know the importance of having our automobiles tuned up. We know if we do, we will continue to have good fuel economy as well as increase the longevity of our vehicles and avoid costly repairs.

The same principles apply to our heating and cooling systems in Boise and Meridian. In fact, anything that has moving parts needs preventive maintenance. In September, we will start calling our customers that have an annual contract with us and setting appointments to tune-up their furnace. What do we do when we perform a furnace tune-up? Here is what you can expect.

Do I Need a Bigger Air Conditioner and Furnace?

      A couple of years ago I had an interesting sales call in Boise, and I thought it was important enough to blog about it. It made me think about the question of size, or tonnage of an air conditioning unit or size of furnace you need for your home.
     This gentleman, called our service center and wanted a quote on a 3 ton air conditioner. Not knowing the whole picture, I set up an appointment to go to his home.

Should I Clean My Ductwork Now?

Here we are almost to the middle of August and soon school will start up and we will begin to move back into our Boise homes for the fall and winter. It will also be time to have your ductwork cleaned. In the fall, we start closing windows and doors, our houses can’t ‘breathe’ as it were. When that happens we often end up with more pollutants inside our home than there is outside!

My Air Conditioner Can't Keep Up

With  the amount of heat we've been having, many of you have been calling us and telling us your A/C just doesn't seem to be keeping you cool. You have the thermostat set at 73 and you can only cool the house down to about 76 degrees. What is the problem? There are a few things that would cause this problem. First of all, when it gets as hot as it has been, it's hard for any air conditioner to keep up with the heat. There may always be a degree or two difference  in the setting on your thermostat and the actual room temperature.


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