Why Are Clean Filters So Important?

Heating and cooling systems cost a lot of money to operate in Boise and even more when they don’t work at 100% efficiency. So, it is important to perform regular maintenance tasks that ensure the system uses as little electricity as possible. The first thing on your list (and the easiest) is changing or cleaning those filters.

Keeping Filters Clean

Indoor Air Quality and You

Here in the Treasure Valley area of Boise, Idaho, we live in what is called the high desert. We have good share of dust and allergens from trees and desert grasses and weeds. Then there is pet dander, smoke, mold, etc. So, let's talk about HEPA filters. HEPA is an acronym for 'High Efficiency Particulate Air'. A true HEPA is a type of filter that removes at least 99.97% of particulates such as dust, animal dander, smoke, mold and other allergens that are 0.3 microns or larger, from the air.

Water Heaters in Boise

Hot water in Boise and Meridian is essential to our everyday lives. Just think how life would be without the ability to take a hot shower, wash laundry, or clean the dishes? We have come to expect that when we turn on the faucet, we will have hot water. When you find there is no hot water, every thing comes to a standstill. Heating water for our homes also makes up a large part of our monthly energy costs. But as we all know, hot water tanks die!. In fact the average life of a gas or electric hot water tank is about 8 to10 years.

Have You Considered 'Ductless' Heating in Boise?

If you are adding on to your Boise home or are looking for a lower cost option to replacing a swamp cooling unit with a central air conditioning system, then a ductless heat pump unit might be right for you. Ductless heat pump units have become incredibly energy efficient.  These systems offer flexibility as well since you are not tying them into an existing ducting system.  They can be placed nearly anywhere, like sun rooms, bonus rooms, or master bedrooms.  The nice thing is you only heat or cool the room you are actually using!

Why Have Trane in My Boise Home?

There are many reasons to select a Trane system for your Boise home or business. These reasons include economical operation, 90 years of reliability and having greater control of the comfort of your home.

When You Are Looking for Quality:

Trane features louvered panels on the outdoor unit. They protect it from damage. These panels are featured on the outdoor coil. Rugged painted finishes, along with screws that are weather-resistant, complete the rugged protective components.

Are Furnace Diagnostic's Too Expensive

If you haven't already had a problem with your Boise furnace, there is a good chance you will as we move toward colder days. Just like any other mechanical device, they need service, maintenance and repair. Most companies here in the valley charge a "diagnostic/trip" fee to come out and figure our why your furnace (or A/C) is not working properly. Diagnostic charges can vary from company to company but are roughly the same for most heating and cooling companies in the valley. Often we are ask why does it cost so much for just a diagnostic? Here are some things to consider:

Is the Offer Too Good to Believe?

heating repair

As we head into winter, our thoughts may turn to how our furnace is operating. It survived the winter last year, so hopefully it will continure to keep you comfortable. You also may see some inticing offers in the market place for specials on heating and cooling repair, or furnace replacement, etc. I just want to remind you that sometimes the offers sound to good to be true. If thats the case, then we need to be careful about how we approach these offers. Why be careful?

How to Save Home Energy this Winter


     As summer is winding down and we enter the milder days of autumn, we start moving back inside our Boise homes. We have been busy with all kinds of outside summer activities, so it is important to make sure our homes are ready for winter. Whether we have harsh or mild winters, the last thing we want to do is squander energy and money because our house is not prepared. Living here in Boise, and Meridian, we experience some really cold weather, and along with that, will come bone-chilling heating bills. So, here are six things that can help you save energy.

Why Does My Furnace Keep Shutting Off?

In most cases when you’re Meridian furnace is shutting on and off to frequently, it’s due to a problem called ‘short cycling’. If it is not diagnosed and corrected promptly, it could not only end up costing you more in heating costs but could lead to permanent damage.


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