I appreciate you going the extra mile with my  duct cleaning...

Rhonda H

Casey did a great job for us and he was not only professional , but friendly.

Jackie M

Thank you so much for your patience, and willingness to answer questions at all hours of the day. I have been very impressed! Greens gained another loyal customer.

N. J.

Of all the contractor people I talked with, Greens is the only one I felt gave me honest answers.  I didn't feel comfortable with anyone else so I chose them to install my heat pump.

Don Oliason

The job was completed quickly and the quality of the workmanship was excellent.  Greens price was also considerably lower than other dealers in town for the exact same system.

Tom Figura

The greatest testimony of the quality of this company's service came as the Inspector reviewed their work. He had just begun to look at the new heating unit when he made a highly positive acclamation. He said he could always be confident the work done by Green's would be high in quality with very little chance of error. It makes a customer certain he has made a wise choice when such a comment is heard.

Stephen Thomas

Greens Heating employees were all courteous and respectful of our property. They worked like busy bees - never stopping.

C. & G. Moore

Whether it be my home or our business, Greens Heating will be the phone number we'll call.


Working with Greens is an enjoyable experience.  I always feel that they care about me as a person.

Pat Vaughan

Greens Heating & Air Conditioning was the best contractor I have ever worked with.

Jerry B.